rtl8186 + radius

Norbert Grochal norboro at celpol.pl
Sun Feb 26 18:27:48 CET 2006


I try to secure wireless network with freeradius (on linux PC).
Access Points on rtl8186, WPA2(mixed), clients cards edimax on ralink rt2500 
and ralink rt2400, PEAP.
Firmware on AP: (newest versions) Planet 4035, Planet wrt414, Edimax 
ew-7206, Edimax ew-7209, OvisLink Airlive...

Problems (all need reset AP, after reboot all is work ok 1-4 hours...):
1. wds disconnects every 3-4 hours.
2. If count of peoples > 4 then after 1-4 hours AP stops talk with 
3. and sometimes freezes and peoples can't connect at all

I have connect the AP to COM on my PC and see, that there are no error 
messages in builtin linux, there is anough memory and ramdisc space. I think 
this may be problem with driver for radio (RF, RTL8180/RTL8185).

Anyone succesfully 'run' freeradius with PEAP + AP on rtl8186 with 
WPA2(mixed) + about 10-15 users??


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