freeradius 1.1.0 and mysql5

Alan DeKok aland at
Sun Feb 26 19:29:12 CET 2006

"Seferovic Edvin" <edvin.seferovic at> wrote:
> are there any known issues when installing freeradius with mysql support? I
> have Suse 9.1 with mysql5 ( from RPMs ) and after compiling freeradius -
> rlm_sql module is not able to link rlm_sql_myql because I do NOT have
> !!

  The server does not include references to
Instead, it links to whatever library your system provides.  The
conclusion is your system thinks it has that library, so the server
tries to use it.  But there's something wrong, becase the dynamic
linker on your system can't find it.

  I suggest fixing your system so that it can find the libraries it has.

> YES - I have tried to compile with -disable-shared, but then I get a lot of
> other error messages about DynaLoader and rlm_smb???

  rlm_smb is not build by default.  The only way it builds is if you
enable --experimental-modules.

> Is there any way I can disable those modules I do not need ( or plan to use
> )? 

  Delete the rlm_smb directory and rebuild.

  Alan DeKok.

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