Framed-IP-Address accounted in Hex

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On 4 Jul 2006, at 12:05, Graeme Hinchliffe wrote:

> Hi,
> 	I have just (as of yesterday) upgraded FreeRADIUS from 1.0.3 to  
> 1.1.2 keeping all the same config files.  I am running it on a  
> Debian Woody system and using Postgres 7.4.7 as the database.  This  
> particular box is solely for RADACCT and only uses RADIUS as a test  
> to test the state of the service/db for health checks.
> 	I have postgres configured to dump any SQL lines which throw up an  
> error and I have seen a large number being logged failing to insert  
> the Framed-IP-Address attribute, in the dumped SQL string the IP  
> Address is a hex value instead of a dotted quad which fails the  
> insert.  The RADACCT packets causing this are not just coming from  
> one NAS either, and accounting still seems to be happening on the  
> most part.
> any ideas?  or have i found a bug ?

Further to this, I have just noticed that this doesn't seem to just  
be restricted to the IP address, but also the Session ID field.   
Instead of displaying the session ID as say


I am seeing:


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