freeradius server and PPP

Thibault Le Meur Thibault.LeMeur at
Wed Jul 19 19:07:45 CEST 2006

> Moustapha Ould Maouloud <taphas at> wrote:
> > My problem is that the response from the radius server does 
> not reach 
> > my AC (IP although the answer was indeed 
> turned over to 
> > my router (IP : 80.x.x.x) !!!
>   The packet dump you quoted shows that the RADIUS packet is 
> being sent to 80.x.x.x, not  I have no idea 
> why you think the RADIUS packet would be sent to 
>, RADIUS doesn't work that way.

I think his Access Controller is natted between his router's external IP
address. Since his radius server is outside (somewhere on the Internet), it
can only reply to his router's external IP address. It is then up to the
router to translate the IP address to match the internal private Ip address
of the Access Controller: and it seems that the problem is on the router
side only.

I've sent him a little things to check on his router offlist since it's not,
as far as I know, a freeradius problem... unless someone has some Radius
specific recommendations when NAT is involved between the AC and the Radius


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