post_proxy_authorize option

Geoff Silver geoff+freeradius at
Tue Jul 25 16:59:42 CEST 2006

Hi folks,

I noticed in the included raddb/proxy.conf file, the post_proxy_authorize 
option notes that it's "deprecated and will be removed in the future".  I'm 
using that feature right now, so I'd like to find out if there's a better way 
to handle the authorization step, or else if this option can be left in the 
code.  I *presume* the right way is to add something to post-proxy {}, but 
when I tried to duplicate my authorize section, I get nothing but errors when 
trying to start radiusd.  For reference, my authorize section looks like:

     authorize {

My authorization step can go in either the pre-proxy or post-proxy section - 
the important thing is that the proxy server can handle authentication, but I 
need to use the users file to do authorization.  Ideas on how to do this right 
are appreciated.  Thanks.

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