One radius and 4 pppoe/pptp servers

Joe Maimon jmaimon at
Wed Jun 7 13:46:40 CEST 2006

Mordor Networks wrote:

> Hi all
> I have a small problem , i have a freeradius server with mysql backend 
> and 3 pppoe server and one pptp server all the NAS'es "pppoe/pptp 
> server" connect to the same radiusd and same mysql database , so when i 
> add a user for exampe i added a user to server-one and his ip is 
> <> so the user must set the the 
> server-name "server-one" in the service name when creating his 
> connection setup , my problem is if a user on server-one did not set the 
> service name or change it from server-one to server-two , he get 
> connected to another server instead of server one , if he set the 
> service name to server-two he get connected to server-two instead of 
> server-one and if he did not set the service name at all he get 
> connected to a ramdom server , how i can fix this issue , but forcing 
> the user to get connect to the server we set up his account in .
> thanks

What makes you think that you setup a user and restricted it to a 
specific NAS?

You can restrict users from a pppoe server by using mac filters if your 
environment supports that. However, that isnt a support question.

I would recommend you design your environment so that whatever pppoe NAS 
your users connect to things work correctly. See "ospf"

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