NAS Server Type

Cliff Hayes chayes at
Mon Jun 12 15:53:38 CEST 2006

I am a new FreeRadius user and am attempting to switch to FreeRadius.

I am trying to switch from clients.conf to the MySQL NAS table.  There is a
field named "type" which, per
has one of the values below.  However, when I call our primary carrier, they
don't have that information and have never been asked that question.  Is
"type" a required field?

  3Com/USR Hiper Arc Total Control      usrhiper
  3Com/USR NetServer                    netserver
  3Com/USR TotalControl                 tc
  Ascend Max 4000 family                max40xx
  Cisco Access Server family            cisco
  Cistron PortSlave                     portslave
  Computone PowerRack                   computone
  Cyclades PathRAS                      pathras
  Livingston PortMaster                 livingston
  Multitech CommPlete Server            multitech
  Patton 2800 family                    patton



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