Beginner question

Khan freeradius at
Thu Jun 22 19:47:55 CEST 2006

Hi to all,
I just register to the ML as I'm looking for specific item
in freeradius without being able to find any help. Even if google
is supposed to be my friend, it was not in that cases ;)

My first one is to use several root CA in an EAP-TLS config.
There is a line for "root CA List", but how can I set 2 root CAs
or more ? I tried to have the line several times and also
separate the rootCAs file names by a comma (,). None of this attempts
seems to work.
What am I doing wrong ? Is it possible to do it, and if so, how ?

The second one is regarding an EAP-TLS connection. My client get
authenticated properly using the certificates (CISCO's AP), but I
noticed that when authenticated, there is no more "traffic" with the
radius server.
Is it possible to force FreeRadius or the CISCO AP to verify the
authenticated client regurlarly in a similar way DHCP is done ?
I don't want to kill the connection, traffic between AP/client
should still be running.

Many thanks for the help you may provide.


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