freeradius problem with DialupAdmin.

Eric Hilden eric at
Tue May 2 22:11:51 CEST 2006

I am currently running Suse 10.x Linux with Freeradius 1.0.4-42., 
dailupAdmin 2.7, and apache2.
I believe I have everything installed correctly as I can check my 
info.php page, phpmyadmin, and dialupadmin.
Freeradius also rejects my request so I know it is running and working.

Here is my issue I am having.; I am also very new the linux/sql/php 
world fyi.
My tables currently under the Radius Database that I have created are as 


I added these tables via the phpMyadmin located in 
All tables seem to work via the webgui in dialup admin. However, I am 
still getting errors on Statistics and Failed Users.
"Database query failed: Table 'radius.radacct' doesn't exit."

Also if I try to create a user or new group I get :

"Database query failed: Table 'radius.usergroup' doesn't exit."
"Database query failed: Table 'radius.radgroupcheck' doesn't exit."

I have tried looking for where I setup these tables and values with no 
luck. I read somewhere that there is a script for automatically 
generating these tables but I did not reference where the script was.

I have tried looking in the /var/log/radius/radacct   but not files are 
in here. I'm assuming once it reads the table this is where the info 
logs are stored.

Do I need to generate another table for the rest of the tables ? If so 
what are the values needed for this .sql file.
I have tried searching for any information on how to create these tables 
with little luck on how to create this table and values needed.
I also could not find any how-tos on how to make these tables. It seems 
from everything I read that these files should already be there.

Thank you for your time to read this and help.
eric at

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