A bit lost.

Eric Hilden eric at linkednetworks.com
Fri May 5 22:17:46 CEST 2006

Well I think I got everything installed correctly from PHP4, MySQL, 
Apache2, Freeraidus and Dialupadmin but I am still a bit confused on all 
the setting up.
BTW: I did get the mysql examples all loaded into the radius database so 
everything is working great for that I think. I also configured 
radiusd.conf for all the mysql settings. I am following this guide 
currently http://www.frontios.com/freeradius.html and 

If I go to my info.php page I created I get all the test results back 
running apache2 on php4.4.0 so I am assuming this is working correctly. 
I also don't know if I have everything setup correctly with passwords 
and access. I tried reading many how-tos' but with so many different 
versions it makes it very difficult.

Next if I got to my dialupadmin/htdocs directory and access the webpage 
everything comes up fine, but the following errors I am still receiving.

Find Users *seems to do nothing at all after I have created users 
through the DialupAdmin interface.*

Edit Users after entering in a name I have created comes back with the 
following: *Warning: main(password.php3)[function.main]: failed to open 
stream: no such file or directory in 
/srv/www/dialup_admin/lib/sql/password_check.php3 on line 2.* and it 
goes on over failed operation on opening this file.

In the many guides I have read, I found something that I need to edit my 
httpd.conf to add modules for php and create a password file for 
dialupAdmin. Is this necessary for this to work? Could this be the error 
I'm getting for my Edit.Users.

When I got my dialupadmin check server page I get the following reply:

*Radius Server Test Page
Friday 5 may 2006, 12:21:06 cdt
server: locahost: 1812
(test user test)

*After a few hundred guides and bookmarks I have been through I found a 
screen shot (can't find it now) of different login information for the 
(test user test) and something with authentication.

My second problem is getting the FreeRadius configuration working 
correctly. I'm about to bust my head open because I don't get what I'm 
missing. I have edited the users.conf and uncommented the example of 
steve with modifying the password...Now when trying to do a test I get 
the standard access request info and then I get rejected with *Invalid 
Signature (err=2)! (Shared secret is incorrect(. ) *I have checked my 
clients.conf file and as it sets the secret = "trustno1". I am also 
unshure of the NAS types and what exactly each type does but localhost = 

radtest steve test localhost 1812 trustno1    This is command I am 
typing in. Following syntax of cmd: usr pw host port secrect

The only thing I can think of is that maybe sense I have moved 
everything to dialupAdmin and MySQL that it is no longer reading the 
text files but the sql ones.

Anyways I appreciate any help, direction, or what I need to read. Going 
to order the O Reilly's Radius book as the Chapter 3 section which is 
posted seem to have good info. Please save myself from taking a 
sledgehamemr to my head.

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