A bit lost.

Eric Hilden eric at linkednetworks.com
Mon May 8 21:51:10 CEST 2006

Ok, went through and reinstalled everything. I got freeradius working 
through text files with test users and got the Accept messages.

Now I am trying to setup Dialup Admin following the installation guide 
and this is where I am running into issues.

When running "radiusd" i am getting the following error after it loads 
the other modules. This is after I configured radiusd.conf for sql, 
before hand radius loaded up fine using the text files. The guides I am 
using are http://www.frontios.com/freeradius.html and 

*Module: Loaded SQL
rlm_sql (sql): Could not lnk driver rlm_sql_mysql: rlm_sql_mysql.so: 
cannot open shared object file. No such file or directory
rlm_sql (sql): Make sure it (and all its dependent librariers!) are in 
the earch path of your system's Id.
radiusd.conf[14]: sql: Module instantation failed.
raidus.conf[1798] unkown moduel 'sql'
radiusd.conf[1727] failed to parse authorize section.

*I do have phpmyadmin installed with mysql 4.1.13 and everything seems 
to be working. I created all databases through phpmyadmin and granted a 
user "radius" with a password to access to the database and added it to 
the sql.conf file found in the /etc/raddb

Last time when I went through this process adding the user fixed my 
issue with Dialup Admin not being able to connect the database. Now I 
have no clue exactly what it is with the driver rlm_sql_mysql.

Thanks for the help

Eric Hilden wrote:
> Well I think I got everything installed correctly from PHP4, MySQL, 
> Apache2, Freeraidus and Dialupadmin but I am still a bit confused on 
> all the setting up.
> BTW: I did get the mysql examples all loaded into the radius database 
> so everything is working great for that I think. I also configured 
> radiusd.conf for all the mysql settings. I am following this guide 
> currently http://www.frontios.com/freeradius.html and 
> http://www.onlamp.com/pub/a/onlamp/excerpt/radius_5/index1.html
> If I go to my info.php page I created I get all the test results back 
> running apache2 on php4.4.0 so I am assuming this is working 
> correctly. I also don't know if I have everything setup correctly with 
> passwords and access. I tried reading many how-tos' but with so many 
> different versions it makes it very difficult.
> Next if I got to my dialupadmin/htdocs directory and access the 
> webpage everything comes up fine, but the following errors I am still 
> receiving.
> Find Users *seems to do nothing at all after I have created users 
> through the DialupAdmin interface.*
> Edit Users after entering in a name I have created comes back with the 
> following: *Warning: main(password.php3)[function.main]: failed to 
> open stream: no such file or directory in 
> /srv/www/dialup_admin/lib/sql/password_check.php3 on line 2.* and it 
> goes on over failed operation on opening this file.
> In the many guides I have read, I found something that I need to edit 
> my httpd.conf to add modules for php and create a password file for 
> dialupAdmin. Is this necessary for this to work? Could this be the 
> error I'm getting for my Edit.Users.
> When I got my dialupadmin check server page I get the following reply:
> *Radius Server Test Page
> Friday 5 may 2006, 12:21:06 cdt
> server: locahost: 1812
> (test user test)
> *After a few hundred guides and bookmarks I have been through I found 
> a screen shot (can't find it now) of different login information for 
> the (test user test) and something with authentication.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
> My second problem is getting the FreeRadius configuration working 
> correctly. I'm about to bust my head open because I don't get what I'm 
> missing. I have edited the users.conf and uncommented the example of 
> steve with modifying the password...Now when trying to do a test I get 
> the standard access request info and then I get rejected with *Invalid 
> Signature (err=2)! (Shared secret is incorrect(. ) *I have checked my 
> clients.conf file and as it sets the secret = "trustno1". I am also 
> unshure of the NAS types and what exactly each type does but localhost 
> = portslave.
> radtest steve test localhost 1812 trustno1    This is command I am 
> typing in. Following syntax of cmd: usr pw host port secrect
> The only thing I can think of is that maybe sense I have moved 
> everything to dialupAdmin and MySQL that it is no longer reading the 
> text files but the sql ones.
> Anyways I appreciate any help, direction, or what I need to read. 
> Going to order the O Reilly's Radius book as the Chapter 3 section 
> which is posted seem to have good info. Please save myself from taking 
> a sledgehamemr to my head.
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