cisco vpn & radius

Pierre LEONARD pier.leonard at
Wed May 10 09:39:21 CEST 2006


i would like to configure my cisco 2620 router as VPN concentrator with 
a 12.3 IOS and i use a radius server (freeradius) to authenticate the 
users of the VPN but when the radius get the ip config to the router 
then the router don't relay these informations to the VPN client and it 
assigns an ip in its pool.

i don't know how must i config the router in order that it uses the 
radius ip config to configure the VPN client...

if i delete the pool from the router then i cannot connect on the VPN 
router and i didn't find any configuration to specify the router to use 
the ip config from the radius...

i hope i'm clear !!
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