Accounting - FramedIPAddress - DHCP/IPPOOL

Walter Reynolds waltr at
Wed May 10 20:52:01 CEST 2006

So even though the AP must know the information, we are unable to get it 
into the radius accounting?  We have to script the coordination between 
the DHCP server?

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mad <psymad at> wrote:
> I have a problem with the ip address ... because it's dhcpd who give an 
> address at the client, so freeradius can't have this information.


> I have try ippool in freeradius (freeradius want to give an ip address 
> the client don't receive). Also I have read that it's impossible to use
> ippool with eap and when there are access point and/or swith between 
> and server ... it's true ?

   It's impossible to use ippool with EAP.

> I have also try other solutions (with syslog-ng who get the ip address 
> the log and insert in acct table ..., a scripts with omshell who permit 
> freeradius to indicate at dhcpd what ip address give at this client ...) 
> I think this solution are very unstable ...

   A well written DHCP server should be as flexible as FreeRADIUS, and
allow you to write the IP to an SQL table.

   Unfortunately, there is no such DHCP server.

   Alan DeKok.

-- Walter Reynolds
    University of Michigan

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