King, Michael MKing at bridgew.edu
Wed May 10 21:39:14 CEST 2006


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> I can't seem to figure out how to get with_ntdomain_hack set 
> correctly.
> I am trying to get peap going against active directory with winbind.
> It works if I enter in the username and password from the 
> windows supplicant prompt, but when I set the supplicant to 
> send the information automatically it is appending the 
> domain\ onto the username, and I can't get it to work?

I don't think it's the ntdomain hack that is the problem (It should be
on, and I'm only aware of it being located in the radiusd.conf file,
just above the ntlm_auth line

I'd double check that your Samba config is correct.

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