rlm_sqlippool and few issues from 14.05.2006 snapshot

RobertB robert at timaru.com
Mon May 15 07:02:17 CEST 2006

Hi All

Today I have been testing rlm_sqlippool module from the current snapshot. 
Here are few problems/question?:

1. Seem like it is designed to work with Postgres db only. Shouldn't be 
difficult to fix it:
Mysql doesn't like NOW() + 3600. Mysql needs NOW() + INTERVAL 3600 SECOND.

2.  # lease_duration. fix for lost acc-stop packets - lease-duration = 3600
Seems like rlm_ippool handles this much better. rlm_ippool will free
an ip address either on an accounting-stop or if a new authentication
request comes on an allocated nas-ip/port.

Can this be done in rlm_sqlippool?

3. DEFAULT as an pool name.
Is there any way to tell rlm_sqlippool to pick up an ip from any pool 
Something like rlm_ipppool's DEFAULT for the pool name?


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