H323-ivr-out sending extra attribute from Cisco TCL to radius

Abdul Hakeem alhakeem at gmail.com
Sat May 20 19:04:46 CEST 2006

We are trying to route H323 calls based on the number prefixes.
The idea is to have the GW/GK do a database lookup of the called number, if
number is found it should be routed to a particular gateway for termination,
if not it should be routed to a GK. This GK will now send back an LCF and
the call will now be routed to the terminating GW based on the prefix.

The call flow is below:
<i> GW/GK A received 447931800952, the GW will consult a .dbf kept in memory
to see if the numbers is present in the database. All numbers are kept with
a network prefix; i.e. UK Mobile o2 will be 23410447931800952.
<ii> If the number 447931800952 is present in the .dbf, i.e.
.....447931800952, the GW/GK will now forward the call to terminating GW(s)
with the dial-peer 23410.
<iii> If the number is not present, the call will now be forwarded to
another GK, this GK will now return an LCF, i.e. 23410447931800952.
<iv> The GW/GK A will now route this number based on the prefix 23410, while
at the same time inserting the LCF 23410447931800952 into the .dbf datafile.

The Borland dbf datafile is what we are starting out with and this can be
changed to any data format.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards,
Abdul Hakeem

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hi abdul
what are you doing with Cisco and Radius. if possible we can both help each
other and work together. so tell me what is the problem.
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