FreeRadius installation problem.

Chad Best chadabst-1 at
Wed Nov 1 21:09:39 CET 2006

--- "Ramm-Ericson, Johannes"
<Johannes.Ramm-Ericson at> wrote:

> Hi Chad!
> Is there any particular reason that you are
> compiling from source (and
> using a very old version of freeradis aswell)? If
> there is no absolute
> requirement for you to compile from source I'd
> suggest using the
> freeradius package in the ubuntu repository. That
> should get you started
> with freeradius. YMMV but once you've had a chance
> to play around with
> freeradius and maybe want to start using it in a
> more demanding fashion
> - then I'd go with compiling it myself. Install it
> using the following
> command:
> sudo apt-get install freeradius
> In Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy) you'll be installing
> freeradius 1.1.3 (the latest
> stable version). I think Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper)
> carries freeradius 1.1.2 -
> but I'm not sure.
> BR,
> Johannes

Thank you for that reply.  I installed FreeRadius last
night from the repository and it works great.  I
checked the repository before I tried to install using
the source.  However, I didn't see Freeradius on the
list.  Once I added the universal repository from
Ubuntu, I was able to install Freeradius successfully.

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