Database query failed: Table 'radius.radcheck' doesn't exist

Dusan Djordjevic Liste dj.dule.lists at
Thu Nov 2 11:06:16 CET 2006

Hi all,

I am trying to install dialup admin. I followed HOWTO located in doc/
directory. I created all tables in radius database using provided .sql
files in sql/ dir. Now i have 4 tables in radius database: badusers,
mtotacct, totacct, userinfo.

When I connect to dialup admin and try to create new user, it gives me
following error:

Database query failed: Table 'radius.radcheck' doesn't exist
(after bunch of error messages that some queries and inserts are not valid).

I am not good with databases, but AFAIK this means that there is no
radcheck table in radius database. Also, if i understand admin.conf
properly, there is part that sayst following:

sql_database: radius
sql_accounting_table: radacct
sql_badusers_table: badusers
sql_check_table: radcheck
sql_reply_table: radreply
sql_user_info_table: userinfo
sql_groupcheck_table: radgroupcheck
sql_groupreply_table: radgroupreply
sql_usergroup_table: usergroup
sql_total_accounting_table: totacct
sql_nas_table: nas

Also lot of tables mentioned here do not exist.

Did I missed something or ?


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