Database query failed: Table 'radius.radcheck' doesn't exist

Vasea Marii vascim at
Thu Nov 2 11:17:17 CET 2006

radcheck is one of the most important tables in freeradius if working with mysql! Is the table where users username, passwors and other data is stored for authenticating users when they are connecting!find!
 In you freeradius distribution find mysql.sql file and create the tables that are missing! By the way dialup-admin has a lot of bugs! You'll have a lot of work:)try  phpmyprepaid!

Dusan Djordjevic Liste <dj.dule.lists at> wrote: Hi all,

I am trying to install dialup admin. I followed HOWTO located in doc/
directory. I created all tables in radius database using provided .sql
files in sql/ dir. Now i have 4 tables in radius database: badusers,
mtotacct, totacct, userinfo.

When I connect to dialup admin and try to create new user, it gives me
following error:

Database query failed: Table 'radius.radcheck' doesn't exist
(after bunch of error messages that some queries and inserts are not valid).

I am not good with databases, but AFAIK this means that there is no
radcheck table in radius database. Also, if i understand admin.conf
properly, there is part that sayst following:

sql_database: radius
sql_accounting_table: radacct
sql_badusers_table: badusers
sql_check_table: radcheck
sql_reply_table: radreply
sql_user_info_table: userinfo
sql_groupcheck_table: radgroupcheck
sql_groupreply_table: radgroupreply
sql_usergroup_table: usergroup
sql_total_accounting_table: totacct
sql_nas_table: nas

Also lot of tables mentioned here do not exist.

Did I missed something or ?


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