Database query failed: Table 'radius.radcheck' doesn't exist

Dusan Djordjevic Liste dj.dule.lists at
Thu Nov 2 12:02:38 CET 2006

Ali Jawad wrote:
> Well Ive tried dialupadmin..apart from the fact that it might be 
> troubleling
> to set worked just fine for me..I used it to authenicate ISP 
> clients

OK, thanks for advice, I will give it a try.

> through pppoe..and to Vasea said...find the .sql file containing
> the tables for freeradius and import them using phpmyadmin or the mysql
> shell.

Yes, I located it in source and applied it. It seems that everything 
works now. At least I do not have error message any more.

Thank you.


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