Assign IP based on CallingStationID.

John Longland jlongland at
Wed Nov 8 12:02:05 CET 2006

Yes, I have just done it.

You need to change the sql-statement in /etc/raddb/sql.conf

That is the 
autorize_check_query.Depending on how you use your tables, the query
that I am using may or may not work. If you want I can give you the
one that works for me if you supply your table-layout.

P.S> The statement I use does NOT check username/password !!!

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Hello all.
I use freeradius ver. 1.1.1 + mysql.
I use same login/password for couple of users but they has different
Is it possible to check callingstationid and asiighn IP based on it? 
Do I need to create some additional tables in mysql for that?


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