Assign IP based on CallingStationID.

banga banga at
Wed Nov 8 14:13:41 CET 2006

I use dafault table-layout.
How I understand you just change username authentication to callingstationid
authentication inside sql.conf. Thx, it’s really good idea. I think that I
could do the same by myself, but it will take a time. 
Therefore any examples will be very useful. Can you post it here?
If It’s too big you can send it to me - “nebula-at-inbox-lv”.

>From other side, I need username/password authentication also (for other
users) therefore it will be difficult to implement this ( may be I’ll
install another freeradius specially for that).

In my situation radius for some users check username/password, for other
users it should do the next:
check username/password/callingstationid  (in fact username and password
always the same)
if callingstationid  has specific value (can be dosen specifc
callingstationid_s) then replay accept and some specific IP for each
specific callingstationid  or just assign ip from radius pool. 
if callingstationid  is not in the list of “specific callingstationid” then
just replay accept and NAS will assign ip from equipment’s IP pool

Main Idea: For now most users has the same username and password and it is
not possible to change anything in that. Some callingstationid is not
friendly for my network (they should have only http traffic). That’s why I
want to assign them IP from specific pool – I going to setup firewall rules
for a such IPs.

Any idea ?

John Longland wrote:
> Yes, I have just done it.
> You need to change the sql-statement in /etc/raddb/sql.conf
> That is the 
> autorize_check_query.Depending on how you use your tables, the query
> that I am using may or may not work. If you want I can give you the
> one that works for me if you supply your table-layout.
> JOhn
> P.S> The statement I use does NOT check username/password !!!
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> Hello all.
> I use freeradius ver. 1.1.1 + mysql.
> I use same login/password for couple of users but they has different
> callingstationid. 
> Is it possible to check callingstationid and asiighn IP based on it? 
> Do I need to create some additional tables in mysql for that?
> Thx.
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