howto get/send the fullname of an user

Ariel VIVES avives at
Thu Nov 9 12:34:34 CET 2006

James Wakefield wrote:
> Ariel VIVES wrote:
>> Hello the list,
>> I'm starting with freeradius.
>> Authentication works fine !
>> But the informations I get is only the username (le login name in
>> /etc/passwd).
>> How do I get the Fullname ? Or others informations (like mail, home
>> directory, ...)
>> Is it possible ?
>> is it a configuration  of the server or a request from the client ?
>> thanks for your help
> Hi Ariel,
> Can you give us a bit more information about how you're using
> freeradius?  From your description, it looks vaguely like you're using
> pam_radius to authenticate logins against a freeradius server - is that it?


in fact, the authentication is done with the file /etc/shadow (NIS users
but doesn't matter I think)

my requests are done with a web interface (php => php-radius) to
authenticate users (and this works well).

Hope it's enough ...


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