FreeRadius, OpenLDAP, Samba, etc.

Eric Faden eric at
Thu Nov 9 23:41:19 CET 2006

Anyone, instructions?


Eric Faden wrote:
> And how exactly would I do all of that?  I know how to set the 
> AuthType to nt-pap, but am not sure exactly what to do with the other 
> two.
> -Eric
> Alan DeKok wrote:
>> Eric Faden <eric at> wrote:
>>> Alright.  I unset all of the Auth-Types in users and it is getting 
>>> closer, but not there yet.  Here is the new output.  It is getting 
>>> the correct NT-Passwords, but doesn't actually seem to test them.
>>   Because Auth-Type is Local, not PAP.  The CVS head handles this a
>> little better, unfortunately.
>>   In this case, you'll have to set Auth-Type = "nt-pap", and configure
>> an instance of the "pap" module, that handles nt password, *and*
>> configure LDAP to put them into the User-Password attribute.
>>   Yes, this is awkward.  Yes, it's broken.  We'll fix it soon...
>>   Alan DeKok.
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