sync hungroups, clients files, users across multiple servers

Charles Tompkins crt at
Fri Nov 10 21:38:05 CET 2006

That is exactly what I want to do!

I just started using subversion with RANCID and am not very knowledgeable
about svn.  How can I get a 'diff' spread around like that?

I am thinking about what you have said and it could be completely wrong,
1.  A change is commited on a watched file like 'huntgroups.'
2.  A local script diffs it against a remote subversion repo copy (or a
local copy?) via a cron job
3.  The diff gets checked in to svn.
4.  The scripts on the other RADIUS servers then notice the diff in the repo
copy and apply it to their own files?

Sounds like I need to build up my script writing skills...


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> Greets!
> What is a good way or considered best practice for folks to sync changes
> critical files in use by radius like huntgroups and clients.conf and users
> across multiple RADIUS servers.  I am not using MySQL backend, but rather
> relaying requests for auth off to PAM which checks against a
> samba/NT-Domain, thus the user account existing locally on the server.
> several servers it becomes a PIA and can lead to misconfiguration errors
> to human data entry when you have to enter everything into each server.
> Does anyone want to share a script they have written to do this?

you could use rsync,
or subversion,

and actually keep your configurations all held on such a central repository.
you can then actually update the configuration from any one of your servers
and get them all to autometically get the latest version... be that with a
frequent cronjob that checks for changes (and if there have been any,
them!) or from a forced update.   this way you also have a centralised way
seeing what changed, when and who by.

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