multiple entries with same user name in radcheck table

Sri bskmohan at
Tue Nov 21 01:19:07 CET 2006

Hi List,

Happy Thanks Giving,

I need to add two users with same name, from different NASes/stations.
I added the two groups for them in usergroup and corresponding entries
in radcheck and radreply tables. So they look like this:
1   Ronrobert    dialup
2    Ronrobert    conference

1    Ronrobert    Password   ==   value
2   Ronrobert    Password    ==    value2

1   Ronrobert   
 Reply-Message    :=   value1
2    Ronrobert    Reply-Message    :=     value2

But the authentication failed for both users as FR not able identify which user to consider?

Can anybody pls tell me any way to address this problem?

Thanks in advance.

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