Mac based auth

Collen Blijenberg collen at
Thu Nov 30 13:47:50 CET 2006

Hi, i was following this thread bcoz are also interested in authenticate 
computers by MAC address.

i have Freeradius up and running, based on
- Username
- Password
- Mac

now i followed the conversation, and tried the following in my users file.

DEFAULT   Calling-Station-Id == "<macaddres>"

"gebruiker"    Calling-Station-Id == "<macaddres>"

"gebruiker"    Calling-Station-Id != "<macaddres>", Auth-Type :=Reject

non of the above works. the mac gets checked. that part works, but some how
it gets stuck on the password part !? (and there isn't anny!)

it basicly has to become a mixed environment, where students get a 
and our own laptops just do mac authentication.

Greetz, Collen.

>   You can do:
> bob	Calling-Station-Id != "0001....", Auth-Type := Reject

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