Mutiple Seperate nt domains

Christian Ejlertsen chr.ejlertsen at
Thu Nov 30 20:46:41 CET 2006

Hello all

I hope this question has been asked a dozen times before.

I have the following idea to a setup that I want to ask this is even
possible with a freeRadius server.

The scenario is multiple customers with their own windows domain servers
where I want to authenticate ciscp vpn clients against the users own active
Hardware setup is going to be something like this,

Multiple Cisco vpn clients with a single point of entry -> Cisco 4500 ->
Radius Server -> multiple windows domain servers.(not in any way trusted or
connected to each other).

1. a vpn client contacts the cisco box
2. the ciscop box forwards the request to the radius server for
3. the radius server somehow proxies the request to the windows domain
4. the domain server reports back an ok to the radius server?
5. the vpn tunnel is setup.

What I can understand about freeRadius is that it is possible to proxy
authentication requests to other radius servers depending on domain names
and other fields. Is this correct?

Is this type of setup even doable with a Radius Server and if so could
anyone help me in the directions of some solid howto's as I'm fairly green
working with radius servers.

Hope someone has some input to this type of setup.


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