FreeRadius and LDAP

Sundaram Divya-QDIVYA1 Divya.Sundaram at
Thu Nov 30 23:50:39 CET 2006

Hi all,

I'm trying to configure the server to use LDAP for authentication
And am finding the documentation to be less than straightforward.

We don't use openldap or eDirectory - which is what the docs are
Derived from. The information for FreeRADIUS and LDAP seems to 
suggest that I need to provide access to the LDAP server's
password to the service account that the FreeRADIUS Server

What I need to understand is how to integrate FreeRADIUS with
an LDAP Server without exposing the (crypted) password hashes.
Any pointers on what I need to do for that?

I'd be happy to provide updated documentation once I have
gotten it working. I'd appreciate any insights.

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