Design question

Torkel Mathisen torkel.mathisen at
Tue Oct 3 16:20:04 CEST 2006


We have a very simple freeradius setup today. We use freeradius 1.0.5
with PEAP/MS-CHAPv2 and users file.

My boss has asked be about making this configuration a bit more flexible
and easier to admin.

He also wants some new "features".

The keywords are hotspot, web-frontend and possibly billing and

Basically what he wants is for external consultant to be able to bring
their laptops and just connect to a hotspot webserver and from there on
authorize on to the WiFi.

He also wants the possibility of billing.

I want to know what kind of design you guys would recommend here.

I'm thinking freeradius (1.1.3 now) with a mysql db and some
web-frontend for adding users (what?). Then Chillipot on a new server
for hotspot access.

How does that sound?  Will Chillipot be able to authorize users based on

How would you be able to do billing with this setup?

And lastly is the situation with "smartcards". My boss was thinking
about some cards or something that the consultant can pick up in the
reception that will give them access to the WiFi for a certain amount of
time. At the end of the day they have to deliver it again. There is also
a possibility of doing billing from that.

Will this kind of configuration require some commercial software or is
freeradius able to do that?  

The last thing is not THAT important, but I want to know if anyone has a
setup like this.

I hope someone got some recommentations.


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