Windows XP, mschap and the NAS

duckeo duckeo at
Mon Oct 16 02:21:35 CEST 2006

I think I have set up freeradius correctly to use MSCHAP, but the only
way I thought I could test it is with the real client, i.e. Windows XP
'dialing in' (via a IP wireless VPN through EVDO).

Running FreeRadius in debug mode, and using the default Windows XP
settings I only get a CHAP request come through.

Is it possible that the NAS sitting in between the client and the
internal FR server can only pass on MS-CHAP, or is there some
negotiation that goes on as to what the client sends off?

When I force it to use MS-CHAP in Windows XP, I don't even see the
request come through to FR.

Any help on this?

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