Freeradius error: invalid keyword "ATTRIB_NMC"

Jan Mulders lastchancehotel at
Wed Oct 18 21:22:50 CEST 2006

Hi list.

I'm having some problems getting the nightly CVS snapshot to work.

It compiles fine, I've set relevant log directories, and gotten rid of
the old dictionary files, instead using the ones in the CVS. I now get
this error when attempting to start radiusd:

Wed Oct 18 15:18:43 2006 : Error: Errors reading dictionary:
dict_init: /usr/local/share/freeradius/dictionary.usr[56] invalid
keyword "ATTRIB_NMC"

The offending file contains the following:

#       USR Extensions: USR Vendor-Specific stuff.
#       For now in NMC format (whatever that stands for), though the
#       normal vendor-specific format would work just as well.

ATTRIB_NMC      USR-Last-Number-Dialed-Out              0x0066  string
ATTRIB_NMC      USR-Last-Number-Dialed-In-DNIS          0x00E8  string
ATTRIB_NMC      USR-Last-Callers-Number-ANI             0x00E9  string
ATTRIB_NMC      USR-Channel                             0xBF38  integer
ATTRIB_NMC      USR-Event-Id                            0xBFBE  integer
ATTRIB_NMC      USR-Event-Date-Time                     0xBF2F  date
ATTRIB_NMC      USR-Call-Start-Date-Time                0xBFF7  date
ATTRIB_NMC      USR-Call-End-Date-Time                  0xBFF6  date
ATTRIB_NMC      USR-Default-DTE-Data-Rate               0x005E  integer

...and on and on.

Is there something I need to do in order to get this to work? Have I
made a silly mistake?

Thanks all,


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