More CVS madness: Radiusd not actually doing anything

Jan Mulders lastchancehotel at
Thu Oct 19 01:15:59 CEST 2006


More CVS madness for you all.

I'm trying to run radiusd on my server, replacing an existing, working

When I run radiusd (specifying paths or using defaults, it doesn't
matter), I get the following:

root at betabitch [/etc/raddb]# radiusd -xx
Starting - reading configuration files ...
Ready to process requests.
[ then I press ctrl-c, as the server isn't doing anything ]
CHILD: exit on signal (2)
MASTER: accounting process died - exit.
root at betabitch [/etc/raddb]#

It does this regardless of the presence of a radiusd.conf file in the
/etc/raddb folder.

What the hell is going on?



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