Static IP Address allocation database - Active Directory?

duckeo duckeo at
Fri Oct 27 08:29:27 CEST 2006

Has anyone experimented with using Active Directory as a database for
Static IP Addressing?

I have two Radius groups in AD, Radius and Radius_StaticIP.

If you are a member of the radius group, you are given a address by
the NAS (I return to the NAS).

If you are a member of the Radius_StaticIP group I want to allocate an
address out from my end, I am looking at perl at the moment but has
anyone tried using a custom attribute in ActiveDirectory or similar to
manage the addressing? Each account could have it's address defined in
it's AD entry, but can FreeRadius look up these attributes and use
them as replies?

Has anyone gotten static ips to work from the client end? I'm not sure
what I need to return to allow the client in a PPP dial-in session to
set their own IP address in TCP/IP properties.

Any help appreciated.

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