radius + mysql problem

Hernan Antolini antolini at ar.ibm.com
Fri Oct 27 14:53:54 CEST 2006

Sri, ¿it never works ? ¿how did you build your radius ? ¿what's your 
platform and mysql version ? ¿sis you remember to have mysql-devel (mysql 
headers) available when you build freeradius ?, it seems to me that the 
driver is not working.
In the message below "driver rlm_sql_mysq" is a typo (should be mysql) 
¿did you make the right configs in your sql.conf ?
hope it helps

Hernan Antolini

freeradius-users-bounces+antolini=ar.ibm.com at lists.freeradius.org wrote on 
10/26/2006 10:10:30 PM:

> Hello all,
>     I am trying to configure freeradius with mysql. I did the 
> relevent changes in radiusd.conf and when i start the server in 
> debug mode, it is giving an error:
> "rlm_sql (sql): Could not link driver rlm_sql_mysq: file not found
> rlm_sql (sql): Make sure it (all its dependent libraries) are in the
> search path of your system's ld.
> radiusd.conf[14]: sql: Module instantiation failed."
> Here are the changes i made in radiusd.conf file:
>     sqltrace=yes
>     uncommented the line sql in Authorize section.
>     commented  the line sql in preacct section.
>     uncommented the line sql in accounting section.
>  Created the radius database using the schema in the file db_mysql.sql.
> Wht can be problem with configuration.Pls clarify any other config 
> changes required.
> Thanks in advance.
> Regards,
> Sri
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