FreeRadius installation problem.

Chad Best chadabst-1 at
Tue Oct 31 21:28:54 CET 2006

--- Hernan Antolini <antolini at> wrote:

> Any strange output from configure or make ? are you
> sure you're running 
> make install as root ? what are the error messages
> if any =?

I did run ./configure, make and make install as root.

There is an error message from make install that
concerns me about radiusd.  It is 

Making install in main...
make[4]: Entering directory
/usr/local/src/freeradius-1.0.0/libtool --mode=install
/usr/local/src/freeradius-1.0.0/install-sh -c -m 755
-s radiusd   /usr/local/sbin
/usr/local/src/freeradius-1.0.0/install-sh -c -m 755
-s radiusd /usr/local/sbin/radiusd
install:  radiusd does not exist

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