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Mon Sep 18 20:19:30 CEST 2006

"Cliff Hayes" <chayes at> wrote:
> When I comment out the include line for proxy.conf, my users can no longer
> authenticate.  The logs show their entire username + realm instead of just
> the username.  I figure it is because it can't strip the realm anymore
> because it doesn't know what the realm is.


> There are REALM sections in the proxy.conf, with type, authhost, and
> accthost statements.  I have entries there for each of my realms.  I have
> not found an equivalent to the REALMS section of proxy.conf in MySQL.  Do I
> use the radgroupcheck table?  If so, do I add the authost and accthost
> lines?

  You can't put the REALMS into SQL.

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