Can't connect to remote freeradius server

joe vieira jvieira at
Tue Apr 3 15:24:56 CEST 2007

A B wrote:
> This is the output of radiusd -x. It does say it's listening on 1812 
> for authentication and 1813 for accounting.
> rlm_eap: Loaded and initialized type mschapv2
> Module: Instantiated eap (eap)
> Initializing the thread pool...
> Listening on authentication *:1812
> Listening on accounting *:1813
> Ready to process requests.
That doesn't mean that you can access those ports from off of the 
box...did you check your firewall configuration to make sure those ports 
are accessible?
easy test is to nmap -sU  "whatever your freeradius box's ip is"

> On 4/3/07, *joe vieira* <jvieira at 
> <mailto:jvieira at>> wrote:
>     A B wrote:
>     > I've installed freeradius 1.1.5 and am able to run radtest
>     > successfully on the machine that freeradius is installed on.
>     However,
>     > when I try to run radtest (or NTRadPing or radius test client)
>     it is
>     > unable to connect to the server. Does anyone have any ideas? I
>     do have
>     > the servers I'm running radtest on listed in clients.conf
>     >
>     first off, when you run radiusd -X (debug) do you see any requests
>     coming into the server?  is UDP port 1812 open on your hosts firewall
>     (iptables, ipchains, pf, whatever your using)  and ya you should
>     prolly
>     have an entry in clients.conf for the client you are testing from...
>     Joe
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