Duplicate accounting log entries

Alan DeKok aland at deployingradius.com
Tue Apr 3 18:47:22 CEST 2007

Patric wrote:
> I suspected as much. Unfortunately it is a huge company whose NAS it is, 
> and it is doubtful that the would notice my little squeek from down 
> here... :]

  They may listen to me.  After doing this for nearly a decade, I have
contacts at all of the big companies that matter.  The ones I don't have
contacts for at least recognize my name, and are willing to listen.

  Email me privately with the company name, product, and version.  I'll
see what I can do.

> Is my understanding correct that the NAS generates the unique ID? 

  As Dennis pointed out, no.

> Because it exists in the detail files that I get from the NAS... In 
> which case I dont know if they removed it...

  The detail files log what the server says to log.  Some of which is
from the NAS, some of which is generated by the server.

>>   Post the "key" for the acct_unique module.  Explain how two different
>> User-Names can result in the same key.
> I couldnt begin to explain if I tried! lol

  Please read radiusd.conf.  Look for "acct_unique".

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