suggestions for multiple vlans in hundreds of switches

A.L.M.Buxey at A.L.M.Buxey at
Thu Apr 19 21:17:14 CEST 2007


> This seems to work. The issue is scale. I have would conceivably have to
> have a huntgroup definition in the huntgroups file for each NAS. And if I
> wanted 30 vlans, I'd have to have 30 definitions like the ones above in my
> users file for EACH one of my NAS's.

that would depend on what scale this would have to go to. certainly
if each switch were to hav different VLANs for each of the types of users

eg switch 1   vlan 200 for staff, vlan 201 for researchers
   switch 2   vlan 300 for staff, vlan 301 for researchers

this woul dget very big very quickly.

however, if each switch only needs to feed the same VLAN depending
on the class of user - ie those 30 VLANs are are the same on each switch,
then you can simply define a normal huntgroup for the switch eg in

my-switches          NAS-IP-Address ==
my-switches	     NAS-IP-Address ==
my-switches          NAS-IP-Address ==
my-switches          NAS-IP-Address ==

etc etc.

then, in your example , the entry looks like

DEFAULT Huntgroup-Name == my-switches, Ldap-Group == student
       Fall-Through = no

(plus the others for each class of user)

a 'clear scale' way would otherwise to be having an SQL table which defines
each VLAN for each Ldap-group for each switch (or NAS) and use Perl
or python to extract that info and return the attributes based on
the request.


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