suggestions for multiple vlans in hundreds of switches

Phil Mayers p.mayers at
Fri Apr 20 18:37:50 CEST 2007

Matt Ashfield wrote:
> Hi,
> We'd like to use FR to assign users on our wired network to one of 30
> different vlans on campus, based on an LDAP field. Currently, we are doing
> this with huntgroups. Namely, we create a huntgroup for the NAS (in our
> case, a network switch), and then in the users file, we put the following:

Credit to Alan DeKok for this idea - it was one of the first questions I 
asked on the list.

Use two rlm_passwd modules to add "fake" items to the *request*:

passwd nas2building {
   file = /etc/raddb/nas2building
   format = "*NAS-IP-Address:~MyBuilding"
   hashsize = 100
passwd user2vlantype {
   file = /etc/raddb/user2vlantype
   format = "*User-Name:~MyVlanType"
   hashsize = 100
   allowmultiplekeys = yes

...then in the users file you reduce NxM to AxB which is a hopefully 
smaller combination:

DEFAULT	MyBuilding == "facility1", MyVlanType == "guests"
DEFAULT	MyBuilding == "facility1", MyVlanType == "staff"

Note that if you're caching the files, FreeRadius will need to be HUPed 
to re-read them (boo!). Also, you'll need to add the MyXXX attributes to 
the dictionary like so:

ATTRIBUTE      MyBuilding         3000    string
ATTRIBUTE      MyVlanType         3001    string

This could also be done cleaner (but slower) with cleverly designed SQL 
tables or stored procedures

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