FR + ADS 2003 + ntlm_auth (including config files)

Jacob Jarick mem.namefix at
Tue Apr 24 07:23:32 CEST 2007

radius -X -f:
config files:

Hello All,
I have gone back to ntlm_auth for the time being instead of ldap due
to the incredibly frustrating lack of good documentation (if there are
good docs, link it or shutup).

None of the howtos/ tutorials I have followed end in success its
always some ldap error of some kind. At least 1/2 the FR + LDAP howtos
say to set DEFAULT Auth-Type := LDAP which I have been told by Alan is

I followed Alans Active Directory Intergation tutorial and everything
is setup as the guide says, But eap fails with this message:
 rlm_eap: Handler failed in EAP/peap
 rlm_eap: Failed in EAP select
 modcall[authenticate]: module "eap" returns invalid for request 7
modcall: leaving group authenticate (returns invalid) for request 7
auth: Failed to validate the user.

I had this the 1st time I followed the pdf but I did find another
howto that said to add something else and that got it working, but for
the life of me I cant find it again.

On another note Id like to volenteer to help update some of the
documentation out there on FR, some is horribly out of date and makes
for a very frustrating introduction for people.

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