rlm_passwd and EAP-MD5

Kolbjørn Barmen kolbjorn.barmen at uninett.no
Sat Dec 1 15:08:07 CET 2007

On Fri, 30 Nov 2007, Phil Mayers wrote:

> > But is this for real?  I need to restart the server if someone changes
> > their password in the file that is configured with rlm_passwd?
> Yes
> > 
> > If so, that's not just a minor annoyance :P
> > 
> Then use an SQL database.

I see.

> HUP does not work reliably, and cannot be made to, for architectural reasons.
> However, Alan has recently added code to the CVS HEAD which will reload
> *certain* portions of the server (just "users" files I believe) safely on HUP.

Well, that's not a big difference from my point of view, since restarting
the server is done quite quickly anyhow. I'm more surpriced that I have to
do anything, I would expcet that one can change passwords in a passwd-file
without having to restart anything - I actually took that for granted.

> You could possibly contribute (or pay someone to do so) code to do this for
> rlm_passwd, but to be honest - why bother when SQL is available?

Because very often SQL server is utter overkill?
I want _less_ adminitration, not more.

But ok, I guess I can create a script that does what I thought freeradius
did already, monitor the passwd file and restart freeradius when it
notices changes.

Kolbjørn Barmen
UNINETT Driftsenter

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