rlm_passwd and EAP-MD5

Alan DeKok aland at deployingradius.com
Sat Dec 1 16:08:33 CET 2007

Kolbjørn Barmen wrote:
>> HUP does not work reliably, and cannot be made to, for architectural reasons.
>> However, Alan has recently added code to the CVS HEAD which will reload
>> *certain* portions of the server (just "users" files I believe) safely on HUP.
> Well, that's not a big difference from my point of view, since restarting
> the server is done quite quickly anyhow. I'm more surpriced that I have to
> do anything, I would expcet that one can change passwords in a passwd-file
> without having to restart anything - I actually took that for granted.

  So... you didn't read the documentation to see how it behaved.  And
when you were told how it behaved, your response is to complain.

  Go read the main README in the source.  Section 5 is meant for you.

  i.e. you're complaining that you don't like the behavior of something
you downloaded for free, AFTER you received free support on this mailing

> But ok, I guess I can create a script that does what I thought freeradius
> did already, monitor the passwd file and restart freeradius when it
> notices changes.

  Instead of complaining, you could submit patches to FreeRADIUS to make
it work better.  But I would be naive to expect someone with your
attitude to do that.

  Alan DeKok.

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