rlm_passwd and EAP-MD5

Kolbjørn Barmen kolbjorn.barmen at uninett.no
Sat Dec 1 18:25:28 CET 2007

On Sat, 1 Dec 2007, Alan DeKok wrote:

> > Well, that's not a big difference from my point of view, since restarting
> > the server is done quite quickly anyhow. I'm more surpriced that I have to
> > do anything, I would expcet that one can change passwords in a passwd-file
> > without having to restart anything - I actually took that for granted.
>   So... you didn't read the documentation to see how it behaved.  And
> when you were told how it behaved, your response is to complain.

OK ok, never mind, I'll creep back into the cave I came from.

The rlam_passwd man page that spells it out quite directly that it reads
the file on startup, and this was somehow read unnoticed, and so I was surprised.

> Instead of complaining, you could submit patches to FreeRADIUS to make
> it work better.  But I would be naive to expect someone with your
> attitude to do that.

Indeed, and it's all due to my attitude :(

Kolbjørn Barmen
UNINETT Driftsenter

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