AW: AW: Authenticate by MAC address

Bernd s4ndm4n at
Wed Dec 5 11:49:10 CET 2007

To do authentication by MAC-address. Maybe some settings in radiusd.conf or
smth another conf. file. I can hardly believe it's just typing the
MAC-adress into the database and it works? 

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Bernd wrote:
> I have a MySQL database to do it. I set the MACadress as "UserName", "op"
> should be :=. What do I have to do with "Value" and "Attribute"? 

  You have mixed that up.  The MySQL schema attempts to mirror the
"users" file.  So see "man users", and the "users" file for examples of
what to do.

  See also doc/rlm_sql

> And are there any further settings to do in a conf. file?

  To do what?

  Alan DeKok.
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