IP Pool

Marcelus Trojahn trojahn at i-next.psi.br
Thu Dec 6 13:56:33 CET 2007

Hi folks,

I have a PPPoE server which authenticates the user on freeradius... 
Right now, the PPPoE server is in charge of assigning the IPs to the 
users but I want to do that via radius because I'm adding another PPPoE 
server on the network and OSPF routing...

Problem is, I had a look on radiusd.conf and what I could understand is 
that I can only have pools on a same network (like, for 
instance)... But I need 1 big pool with IPs in different networks 
because my users receive valid public IP addresses...

So, I need all users on the same pool and the pool has to have a bunch 
of differente IP ranges, not in order, like, and so on...

Is that even possible?

Marcelus Trojahn

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