FreeRADIUS CVS head supports PEAPv1 and EAP-FAST

Alan DeKok aland at
Tue Dec 11 09:07:49 CET 2007

  I have just committed a new module: rlm_eap2.  It uses the hostap
libraries to implement EAP.  This means that FreeRADIUS now has two
independent EAP modules, and can support a wider range of EAP types.

  There are some limitations:

  * The rlm_eap2 module is experimental, and requires some Makefile
changes on both hostap && rlm_eap2 to build.

  * The inner tunneled sessions for PEAP and TTLS are *not* run through
a virtual server, as with rlm_eap.  This can be fixed before 2.0.

  * The inner tunneled sessions CANNOT be proxied (see above for why)

  * the eap types in use CANNOT be controlled by the server.  This can
be fixed before 2.0.

  The goal is to enable a wider range of EAP types to be used in FreeRADIUS.

  I will try to put together some upstream patches for hostap which will
make it easier for EAP servers to selectively control which types they
choose to implement.

  Alan DeKok.

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