MAC or user auth

Edvin Seferovic edvin.seferovic at
Wed Dec 12 13:13:34 CET 2007

>Authorization via MAC Address (with no username required) 

This is being done by your NAS ! Username is usually the MAC address.

> if the machine is using a valid IP Address, it is automatically allowed to
> (I know there is a Calling-Station-id attribute in radcheck)

IP address has to be given by DHCP or your NAS. FreeRADIUS has nothing to do
with the firewall rules ( NAT etc ).

>But I need also a support for username/password authentification (via WWW)

This also depends on your NAS ! 

>When I try to log in only with MAC, I get a Radius responce "no username",
>and the machine is denied.

Run freeradius in debug mode ( freeradius -X ) and see what attribute is
used for MAC address and use it as i.e. username. 

You should send us more information about your NAS. Nobody will be able to
help you in other case.


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