MAC or user auth

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Wed Dec 12 23:11:53 CET 2007


thanks for a hint.

I do not know detailed possibilities of that thing. Only theoretically... I
will get the router next week and I will start some tests...
I will let you know what I will find out! :)

Bandwith aspect is important, but not critical. 
It is important to make it easy to manage. I would like to know what
possibilities I have, so I could integrate everything in my actual
billing/management system. 

I try to understand the possibilities of groups and how I can use them to
efficently manage my clients...


Best regards,


On Wed, 12 Dec 2007 22:10:55 +0100, <tnt at> wrote:
>>Everything will work with the use of Mikrotik routers :)
> I would seriously doubt that. In order to limit aggregate bandwidth on
> multiple connections you need either to add them into a bundle (I don't
> that Mikrotik supports multilink) or put the user in a VLAN and limit
> bandwidth on that (virtual) interface (I am quite sure that Mikrotik
> doesn't support dynamic VLAN assignment via radius).
> With simultaneous logins aggregate bandwidth will be the sum of
> individual ones.
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